Dutch! OFA passing score!!! Dutch came to us from Louisiana out of the highly successful sire: Mack- The 2002 World Champion Cattledog through the Ford Challenge. Dutch’s grandsires are truly inspiring. On Mack’s side -Bill the 3 time U.S. Border Collie Handler’s Association National Champion, Bill’s sire is Ben(1996 USBCHA Champion)and Bill’s dam is the legendary Nan( 3 time winner 1997-99 of the USBCHA National Championships, and the highly coveted International Supreme Championship, making Nan perhaps the greatest sheepdog of all time) . Dutch’ grandsire on the dam’s side is Spurs- winner of the 2000 World Champion  Cattledog through the Ford Challenge, and numerous other titles which have made him the "winningest" cowdog in history...not to mention Dutch’s grand-dam Kit who is a full sister to Mack and therfore this is line-breeding for Bill, Nan and Ben! 

is the daughter of my Cedar and Christine Koval’s...Tweed (Rose to # 8 in the USBCHA sheepdog rankings). 

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Champion Bloodlines

Juno...son of Cedar and Owen's Roy : 
 Aled Owen's -Roy( DNA is CEA NORMAL therefore none of his pups can be affected ) won the World Championship in 2008 and was the International Sheepdog Society Supreme winner in 2007 Roy’s sire: Bob ISDS 224454 was the 2002 World Champion and also another International Supreme winner in 2000. See video on Aled Owen’s website and also a full pedigree for Roy and Bob. This bloodline is proven and offers the potential to compete at the highest levels of any border collie pursuit whether herding, agility, flyball etc.